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-GO! DKO Panta Rhei Ghent -

Appointed teacher of Brass and Saxhorns at the Academy of Music, Drama and Dance Ghent

MA'GO Antwerp

Since September 2016 Tim is also teaching brass and saxhorns at the Music Academy of Antwerp. This school is called MA'Go Antwerp.

Tenor-Horn Biography

Music Academy Ghent - Brass & Saxhorns

As guest soloist Tim has performed with a number of different orchestras in Belgium and beyond, such as the "Symfonie Orkest Vlaanderen BE", The project Brass Band WDR (West Deutche Rundfunk Köln) DE, European Youth Brass Band EU, Atlantic Brass Band USA, Brass Band Buizingen BE, Noord-Limburgse Brass Band BE & The Wind Band of The Lithuanian Armed Forces LT.



Having participated in a number of competitions, Tim has been award best tenor-horn on multiple occasions. As Tenor-horn specialist he is appointed by the VLAMO Organisation to give guidance to different bands to help improve horn sections.






2017 Special Award outstanding Tenor-horn player at the London and Southern Counties Regional Championship (UK)



2016 Awarded Best Soloist at the Wychavon Festival of Brass - Championship Section (UK)



2015 Special Award outstanding Tenor-horn player at the London and Southern Counties Regional Championship (UK)



2014-2015 Graduated Masters in Performing Arts Cum Laude with 19/20 (BE)



2010-2011 Winner Concert Division for Soloists - WMC Kerkrade (NL)



2010 Best Tenor-horn at the European Soloist Competition Linz - Austria (AT)



2009 Best Flugel/Tenor-horn at the British Open Soloist Competition Tameside (UK)



2008-2009 Winner Concert Division for Soloists - WMC Kerkrade (NL)



2007 Prizewinner and Laureaat from Dexia Classics - previously known as Pro Civitate and currently as Belfius Classics (BE)



2001 Winner of the soloist competition of the Flemish Brass Band Federation (BE)

Tim graduated from the "University College of Arts" campus Lemmensinstituut


Cum Laude with 19/20

Having been associated with the school since 2008,

Tim has been appointed teacher of brass and saxhorns.


The school is located at the beautiful and historic city center of Ghent.


If interested you can always undertake a free trial lesson before applying to the School.

(applying for a lesson is possible by contacting via the contact form on this site)





Academie voor Muziek, Woord & Dans

Gent Evergem Drongen


Scholengroep 22 Panta Rhei

Gemeenschapsonderwijs GO!




MA'GO Centrum (& Secretariaat)

Mechelsesteenweg 125

2018 Antwerpen





Performing Besson artist - 2050 Besson Prestige

Born in Vilvoorde Belgium from a family of music enthusiasts, Tim started to learn the Tenor-horn at the age of six. The decision to study music in secondary school didn't come as a surprise; he first began to study at the Secondary School of Music in Leuven and afterwards fulfilled this course in the "Kunsthumaniora Brussel". Having studied under the expert guidance of Frans Violet in Brussels, Tim moved to the Gent Conservatoire where he studied for two years under trumpet virtuoso Benny Wiame. Subsequently, Tim returned to Leuven to study at the LUCA (Leuven University & College of Arts) under saxhorn specialist Nick Ost. Special mention has to go to mentor/tutor Johan De Win, who always supported and taught with the upmost care.

Tim is an ambassador with Besson musical intruments


Added is a picture of Tim's personal horn.